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Permanent Placement

Permanent placement is a long-term commitmentIn addition to the success of contract placement, HireSource has developed a very successful permanent placement business segment to fill the Technical needs of our clients. Many of our candidates are interested in either contract or full time positions. Many prefer strictly full time ‘permanent’ opportunities. When staffing for ‘permanent positions’, we go beyond the resume to make sure the person is also a good fit for your business.

Permanent placement is a long-term commitment on both sides. Time must be spent to make sure the wants, needs and desires match up between the client and the candidate on more than just the skill set level. Once we feel there is a good fit the resume can be submitted to the client. If the candidate were ultimately placed with the client, he/she would become an employee of the client. He/she would be on the client payroll and qualify for the client benefits package. There is no cost to the candidate for this service from HireSource.

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