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Contract Placement

HireSource provides highly skilled consultants for long- or short-term assignments on a contractual basis. Consulting provides in-house advantages without the additional payroll and benefits demands, and you get results without missing a beat. We provide our consultants with many benefits so they can feel secure and focus on the job at hand. Because HireSource recruits for a diversity of skills at all different levels, we have the ability to step into a project and be productive from the start or at any point along the way.

Whatever your Technical need happens to be, we can match an experienced HireSource professional to meet the needs of the project. In comparison to hiring your own employees, or even other contract service companies, HireSource consistently delivers superior performance because we deliver a comparable or better product more efficiently than anyone else.

Serving Clients Nationwide. New York, NY | Philadelphia, PA | Atlantic City, NJ | Baltimore, MD | Washington, DC | Charlotte, NC | Orlando, FL | Chicago, IL | Dallas, TX | Las Vegas, NV | Irvine, CA