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Finding the right candidate

Are You The Right Candidate

Most HireSource candidates are found through our active referral network, and we pay generous referral fees for successful referrals. Many candidates seek our help in order to search confidentially, so we have access to candidates you won't easily find elsewhere.

We're proactive recruiters and find the best candidates through our extensive networking efforts, not just “Internet Shopping.”

HireSource maintains a moderate number of in depth client relationships instead of playing the “Numbers Game.”

We eliminate the “tire kickers” and ensure candidates' genuine interest before scheduling interviews. We mediate salary negotiations and counteroffers, and serve as your advocate to encourage acceptance of your offer. This close interaction with candidates means we're informed on what your competition is offering. Here is how we do it:

Our experienced Technical Recruiting Team is comprised of professionals with a true understanding of the latest technologies. We gain the confidence of the candidates you want to hire. We eliminate the headaches of doing it on your own, fewer interviews, fewer phone calls, less hassle. You interview a few people and secure your hire.

The Bottom Line:

We understand the impact your employees have on your business. Finding the best person for the job means increased morale, productivity, and a healthier bottom line. HireSource will take the time to learn your precise needs and save you time by sending you only the top qualified candidates who have a genuine interest. We bring value to your organization.

Let us demonstrate how we can improve your life!

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